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Although we might not notice it, copywriting is everywhere - it's in magazines, emails, fliers and leaflets, on your social media channels, on your website and in all kinds of other content. Because we see it everywhere, we may take its power for granted. 

Good copywriting captures the attention of the reader, keeps them interested and, hopefully, motivates them to become a customer for your business. Copywriting, therefore, holds a lot of power, especially as part of your business' online presence. 

Most people entirely underestimate copywriting as an important feature of their business plan. They whip up some generic content for their posts and website and then wonder why their audience doesn't engage, or more importantly, why the content isn't driving sales for them.

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Copywriting drives sales, and here's how:

  • Your blog offers interesting, informative content, giving them an insight into the business and allow them to relate to you.

  • Your FAQ section answers their questions and helps them understand how your business solves their problem.

  • Press releases provide a vital connection between your business and news platforms who may well publish your story to their huge audiences.

  • Your website copy takes them through exactly how you can solve their problem.

  • Everything you write represents your brand!

Copywriting is an essential part of your business' branding and it establishes your tone of voice, relays your personality and ​reflects your values. You may have the best photography and graphics in the world, but if the reader is drawn in by those things and then the copy is poor and irrelevant, it won't take them long to scroll past or to leave your website. 

At The Digital Place, we understand that you may just not have the time (or interest) in creating engaging copy, because you've got other aspects of the business to focus on. That's why we take the time to understand your brand, work within your brand guidelines and continually monitor the effectiveness of content we create. Our dedicated team of copywriters are on hand to work closely with your individual case and deliver the results you need.

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