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Logo Design

Your logo is the heart of your branding, and it is likely to be displayed across all of your communications. Make sure it stands out!


Logo design is a crucial first step in creating your business' branding. It is likely to be displayed on your products, communications, social media, adverts and website, so it's clearly important that you get this right at the very start of your branding journey.

You may have no creative urges whatsoever, and you may be thinking "maybe I don't even need a logo". This is where we stop you in your tracks and explain why a logo is such an important part of your business.

Logo designs by The Digital Place 2020-2021

Firstly, it grabs attention. From marketing experience, we can confidently let you in on a little nugget of wisdom, which is... people have extremely short attention spans nowadays. Your logo will be able to quickly grab people's attention and give an insight into your business and its core values in a creative way.

Secondly, it can make a strong first impression. If you can impress potential customers with your logo, they'll feel inclined to learn more about your business. If they head to your website with an already positive view of your company (because they have seen your very impressive logo), then you're on the right footing to convert them into a customer.

Thirdly, it can cement your company in customers' memories. Your customers will associate your logo with  a memory of what your business does, and if it's a great logo, it'll trigger positive recall that your company's name alone may not.


Importantly, it separates you from your competition. Having a unique logo makes your business stand apart from others with potentially similar business models and helps to establish your unique selling point.

You've probably heard about the psychology of fonts, and how studies have found that fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman convey maturity and stability whilst fonts such as Comic Sans convey fun and friendliness. It's unsurprising, then, that your logo can really have such huge effects on perception of your business.

Along with the Psychology of Colours and the Psychology of Shapes, there are so many aspects to your logo that you need to consider, and making sure that it accurately reflects your business and its core values is crucial. 

However, we understand that it can be incredibly difficult to think about branding in amongst all of the other things you have to do in order to begin trading, so we offer graphic design services that fit around you. Our Graphic Designers will create a variety of logos based around your brand, and you will never be rushed into finalising it. Our rates are for a completed logo, and we will make sure you walk away with a logo that you're happy with, no matter how many re-drafts it takes.

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