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Making sure that you have high quality images to showcase your product and create eye-catching content is so important!


So you've got your product, you've perfected your packaging and you've agonised over every tiny detail to make sure that your customers are getting nothing short of perfection. Now, are you going to take an out of focus photo and post that on your Facebook page or Etsy store and hope that people are going to be inclined to buy it? We sincerely hope not! 

Your products deserve better! 

Accent Digital Product Photography

At The Digital Place we recognise the importance of putting out content that you're proud of, and as we always say, nobody is an expert at everything. Hiring a professional photographer can be an incredible investment for your business and help with brand identity and conveying your business as professional and experienced.

Business Owner Portrait by Accent Digital
Portrait of Business Owner of Embellish by The Digital Place - 2020
Product Photography for Embellish Millinery by The Digital Place - 2020

As well as giving your products the quality they deserve, making sure the content on your social media channels, website and marketing materials is of the highest possible standard is key to drawing customers in.

High quality images on social media have much more potential for being shared, commented on and engaged with, because they're more likely to be eye-catching. Be sure that what you're uploading is of the highest possible quality. 

BTS photography by Accent Digital
Behind The Scenes Photography for Business Butler by The Digital Place 2020

An often overlooked aspect of imagery by business owners is photographs of themselves! Remember that customers are significantly more likely to invest in your business if they can relate to the person behind the product. Make sure you include staff photos (preferably friendly, approachable ones) in your marketing and on your website.

We know it can be daunting to be in front of a camera, but at The Digital Place, we pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients relax and allow their personality to shine through the lens - get in touch now to discuss photoshoot packages.

If you're not ready to hire a photographer, here are our top tips for ANY photography:

  1. Lighting - make sure the person or object is well-lit, preferably with natural lighting (think big windows or direct sunlight) or, get a ring light like this one.

  2. Framing - especially important for product and portrait photography. Make sure the entire subject is in the frame - don't cut off the top of their head or the edge of the product!

  3. Effects - easy on the effects! Customers want to see crisp photos, not highly filtered, distorted ones that don't accurately show the subject.

For more information about our photography services, get in touch!