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Creating a business website is vitally important to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the fact that a huge amount of sales have moved online over recent years. E-commerce now accounts for over a quarter of total retail sales within the UK, according to e-commerce analysts. By 2024, this figure is set to increase to over a third! What that translates to is that if you don't have a high performing website, a place for your clients to buy your product or service on an easy-to-use site, then you could be missing out on that huge percentage of sales!

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Website Design by The Digital Place for Gower Holistic Therapies - January 2021

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to take advantage of the swift move of customers to online purchasing, having a website has other, highly important benefits for your business. Consider the website to be your business' address - it's the place where your customers will go, it's the place where people will research who you are and what you do, it acts as a business card, an introduction and a sales pitch - yes, it really does all of that! Having your own domain (for example, allows you to use professional email addresses to communicate with your customers rather than generic Google or Hotmail addresses, which gives the whole business more credibility.

Marketing company BrightLocal conducted surveyed consumer attitudes. In the study, they found out that 36% of clients trust a company more if they see a website, whereas, only 21% gamble on closing a deal with a business with no website.


We know, and hopefully so do you, that you've got a great product, a great business, great ideas and great determination to thrive, so don't risk losing customers because they would prefer to make purchases online, or because you've been recommended to them but they can't find your website and have therefore gone elsewhere. 

At The Digital Place, we take pride in the fact that we offer small and medium sized businesses exceptional quality web design services for even better value. You can choose to have the website built on a platform of your choice, and full control will be handed back to you upon completion. We will talk you through anything you need to know so that you can make simple updates to the website and avoid additional costs and we'll always be on hand to help.

Website Design by The Digital Place for Sunshine Sarah - January 2021

Sarah approached us in January 2021, after getting tired of her old blog, which she built herself on Blogger. Although the platform allowed her to do everything she needed, she wanted her very own website to showcase her personality. We knew from our first conversation with Sarah that that meant sunny, cheerful, full of life and overflowing with positivity. 

The video above showcases the design we came up with for Sarah, and the functionality of Wix made the process of uploading and editing blogs exponentially easier for her. Sarah's review speaks for itself!

"When I looked at the draft site before launch, I almost cried it was so good! It was like Laura had climbed inside my mind and seen exactly what I wanted my site to look like. Throughout it all (& afterwards!) Laura was always very communicative via email & Instagram DMs, available to answer all my queries whenever I needed her. Her professional approach and care towards getting my new website launched was so lovely and it felt like talking to a friend. I would highly recommend [The Digital Place] if you're looking for a website refresh, in my 8 years of blogging I have never met anyone who cares so much about my work as Laura does."

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